Brewers Association and the Transport Industry

The Australian and New Zealand brewing industries rely on an efficient distribution network in order to meet the demand. From the grains and hops through to the finished product, Australian and New Zealand brewers further contribute to the growth and success of the transport and logistics industry.


Brewers Association and Agriculture

Water, malt, yeast and hops are the four basic ingredients of Beer.

The brewing journey begins on the land where grains and hops are harvested for use in the brewing process. Barley is first malted at a Maltings, while hops must be dried and packed at the hop farm to ensure they retain quality. These key ingredients, together with water and special yeast, provide beer with its unique character. Brewers depend heavily on the agricultural sector in order to annually produce the two billion litres of beer available across Australia & New Zealand.


Brewers Association and the Hospitality Industry

Beer is a traditional beverage and an icon of Australian and New Zealand heritage. Whether it be packed in the fridge, sold by the carton or freshly poured into a glass, the hospitality industries across Australia and New Zealand greatly benefit from the production of beer.

Hotels, clubs and liquor retailers are significant contributors to the economy. Members of the Brewers Association rely on the hospitality industry to ensure public access to our wide range of popular and unique beers.


Members of the Brewers Association employ over 4,000 people directly across Australia and New Zealand. Brewers in Australia alone produced over AUD $5 billion in revenue as of 2012. Furthermore, increasing beer exports leads to an improved balance of trade and ensures a driven demand for local jobs.

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